The Neighbourhood Plan, once ‘made’ (i.e. adopted) will be a statutory planning document with the same status as the Leeds Local Plan. As such, planning applications will be judged by reference to it. It is therefore essential that the final plan is written in the form of legally enforceable planning policies and proposals.

The purpose of this document is to set out the policies (shown in boxes in sections A : F) together with some brief background and justification. Where policy intentions are firm, they are phrased beginning ‘policy will’. Others which are currently still being researched are framed as ‘policy may’. Final policies and wordings, together with full evidence and detail will be presented in the draft plan.

Neighbourhood Plans also provide an opportunity to set out a community’s non-planning aspirations, actions and projects, in order to present a comprehensive and holistic blueprint for the Neighbourhood Area under one cover. These will become the basis of a Parish Council project delivery plan for future years, which is detailed further in the final ‘Implementation’ section.

The policy intentions and non-planning actions/projects are presented in six sections below, respectively covering:-

A. Green Environment

B. Built Heritage

C. Community Facilities and Services

D. Transport and Traffic

E. Housing

F. Employment