F: Employment

Planning Policy Intentions

Four distinct employment locations have been identified within Pool, namely ‘large’ (eg Weidmanns), business parks (Pool Business Park), retail outlets and home-based.

There is a desire to maintain Pool’s current level of employment provision and to encourage a sustainable business community where local businesses support and promote each other and continue to offer the potential of local jobs for local people.

Policy will safeguard the use of specified existing employment sites to be listed in the plan (NB list to be agreed) for business (including office), general industrial, storage and distribution uses.

Non-Planning Actions/Projects

The community has identified the following non-planning actions and projects that it wishes to pursue:-

    • The creation of a ‘Pool Working Hub’ for small businesses – offering serviced office space, hot-desk facilities, business advice; possibly based in Pool-in-Wharfedale Memorial Hall.
    • The development of a ‘Pool Loop’ business network – potentially run from the ‘Pool Working Hub’.
    • The promotion/publicising of local job opportunities.
    • The promotion of Pool as a sustainable small business location.