D: Transport & Traffic

Planning Policy Intentions

Transport and traffic related issues are perhaps the number one concern within Pool-in- Wharfedale. Modern day movement and modes of transport have had to develop within the constraints of narrow, enclosed village streets and heritage restrictions. Pool has struggled to adapt and the time has now come to find better ways to cope and to utilise any new development in order to enhance the existing poor situation.

The Pool community’s starting point is a multi-modal transportation model that puts walking at the top of the hierarchy and motor vehicles at the bottom. In the 2015 ‘Spaces Survey’, some 94% of the 120 respondents said walkways/footpaths and rights of way were important to them. This was backed up in the 2016 ‘Transport Survey’ with issues such as ‘pavement width’ and ‘safe street crossing’ identified as priorities. In the same surveys, cycle paths and the proposed Wharfedale Greenway (see ‘Green Environment’ above), were seen as important by over 84% of respondents, with the Greenway and safe vehicle-free paths identified as a transport priority. This plan will put forward a policy to secure improvements to walking and cycling provision in Pool.

In the aforementioned ‘Transport Survey’, 71% of respondents described public transport in Pool as no better than ‘ok’, with some 53% identifying a reinstated direct bus service to Leeds as ‘extremely/ very important’. Some 43% said they consider a (re-opened) train station at Arthington (nb outside the plan area) ‘extremely/ very important’. While planning has only a limited remit in relation to public transport improvements, the Neighbourhood Plan will include policies designed to influence and support better provision.

In the 2015 ‘Spaces Survey’, some 76% of respondents stated that ‘parking for village amenities’ was important to them, while over 60% said they wanted more parking facilities in the village. Plan policy will support appropriate development which brings this about.

Policy will identify a Pool footpath and cycleway network, including Wharfedale Greenway and links to it, and expect development to be compatible with and to contribute to it.
Policy will expect development to contribute to improvements to routes, network integration and infrastructure.
Policy will resist development which would prejudice the reinstatement of a rail link east to Arthington and west to Otley along the line of the former railway.
Policy will support otherwise acceptable development which would provide new, off- road, public village car parking.

Non-Planning Actions/Projects

The community has also identified the following non-planning actions and projects that it wishes to pursue:-

    • Improvements to footpaths/Public Rights of Way.
    • Creation of new footpaths – eg along Old Pool Bank; from Pool to the Local Pantry/Hunters Inn; from Main Street to Mill Lane via Pool Riverside Park.
    • Measures to support cycling – eg Wharfedale Greenway access routes; other new cycle routes; cycle parking racks.
    • Establishment of a dedicated school bus pick-up point at Pool Village Hall car park – to address safety concerns re the currently used Arthington Lane bus stop.
    • Establishment of an electric vehicle charging point at the Shell Petrol Station.
    • Reduction of traffic congestion.
    • Reduction of heavy goods traffic through Pool.
    • Reduction of speeding through Pool – including signage, ‘gateway slowing schemes’, 20mph zone.
    • Development of measures to protect and insulate Pool from the effects of future expansion at Leeds Bradford Airport.