In 2028 Pool-in-Wharfedale will have been maintained as a distinct community, not joined to or swallowed up by its neighbours, while retaining the fundamentally rural character of the Wharfe Valley. At the same time, it will have recognised and provided for the need for people to travel to towns and cities for employment, education, leisure and shopping, as well as improving such provision within Pool itself, as required. Any new development will have been respectful of the area’s cultural heritage, while causing minimal environmental damage for the future. The community will be one where all residents can live in a safer and more sustainable manner, where longstanding problems of traffic blight, safety and pollution will have been noticeably alleviated and where people’s basic needs from cradle to grave will be largely catered for.


1. To find a sustainable solution to Pool-in-Wharfedale’s desperate traffic problem, which renders much of the Parish unsafe for pedestrians.

2. To make Pool-in-Wharfedale into a settlement well-served by public transport, reducing dependency on private cars.

3. To provide safe walkways across the community, to enable residents to access local facilities without danger from traffic.

4. To maintain and extend green footpaths, bridleways and cycle ways, in particular to see the Wharfedale Greenway project realised, linking Pool with other communities along the valley.

5. To give greater protection to Pool and Old Pool Bank’s countryside hinterland.

6. To protect, enhance and provide new green space and to seek a site for a new burial ground to address the lack of capacity in the existing churchyard.

7. To preserve the character of the many 18th, 19th and 20th century buildings in this Domesday village.

8. To encourage affordable, energy efficient new housing, to enable children and grandchildren to remain in the community if they wish,

9. To ensure that any new housing is accompanied by an at least proportionate investment in infrastructure.

10. To achieve architectural design reflective of the particular part of the Parish in which new housing and other development is to be built, including the use of traditional materials where these have been used before.

11. To create a village centre by encouraging the provision of more facilities for meeting, eating and shopping.

12. To encourage a medical facility within the Parish, to obviate the need for travel outside the area for basic healthcare.

13. To encourage the provision and use of local sources of renewable energy.

14. To safeguard, promote and support Pool’s economic and employment base.