• The Neighbourhood

    The Neighbourhood

Pool-in-Wharfedale Neighbourhood Plan

The map below shows the Parish Council boundaries for the purposes of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Did you know that much of Pool is a designated Conservation Area?  The Conservation Area report points out extensive views of the landscape beyond these boundaries that are deemed important.  So it's not just our built environment that should be protected but the far reaching views that enhance Pool-in-Wharfedale outwards and inwards.

The Neighbourhood Plan's aim is to support the Pool, its businesses and residents, by ensuring that development is within the guidelines drawn up and eventually adopted, by all of us.  Initially, it will safeguard our local facilities - roads, access, open spaces, school - and support existing local businesses - our pubs and shops - so they continue to thrive.

Your input is needed so that we all have a say in the development of Pool-in-Wharfedale and make sure its special character is retained.


Pool in Wharfedale Church of England Primary School is the main Primary School serving the village. Admissions for the Early Years Foundation Class are limited to 30 and this is virtually always oversubscribed. All applications are dealt with by Leeds City Council’s pupil admissions department.

Ofsted’s report from 2015 ranked the overall effectiveness of Pool in Wharfedale Church of England Primary School as ‘Good’.

Pool Pre-School is housed within Pool C of E Primary School.

See www.pool-in-wharfedale-leeds.co.uk

Otley Prince Henry’s Grammar School Specialist Language College is the main Secondary School serving Pool in Wharfedale. At Prince Henry’s there were 225 places for admission to Year 7 in 2013. Following appeals, the number of pupils admitted to Year 7 were 228.

Ofsted’s report from 2013 ranked the overall effectiveness of Prince Henry’s Grammar School Specialist Language College as ‘Good’.

See www.princehenrys.co.uk

Several other Primary and Secondary Schools are located within a wider but commutable area.