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Throughout 2015 the Pool-in-Wharfedale Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be hosting five events to consult and engage with community members


The engagement and consulting phase with community members for the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for Pool-in-Wharfedale started on 7 February 2015 with an information event in the Village Hall. Over 100 people from all age groups came between 11 am and 3 pm on Saturday to learn more about the NP, its process and its importance, to meet the 10 Steering Group members and to find out about local groups and businesses.

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Business development, employment opportunities, Shops including Post office. (Event scheduled for evening of 26th March 2015). Whether you are a resident or a business person, please come to our Neighbourhood Plan consultation on Business and Employment and share your views.

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Public transport, footpaths, cycle tracks, bridleways, Greenway, Traffic Management.

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Affordable housing, medical facilities, school facilities, childcare, Community Security and safety including flood risk.

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Open spaces, play spaces, allotments/gardens, burial grounds, communal spaces.

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